Sunday, January 21, 2018

Wichita Real Estate Sales Up

A good trend in Wichita - Real Estate sales are up!

Check out the above article for details and data that show market trends. See why now is a good time to be a homeowner in Wichita, Kansas!

Second Chances

Owner of Elite Staffing Solutions, the Fastest Growing Business in Kansas gives a heartfelt interview that speaks about how he was given a second chance after starting from troubled beginnings.

From an upbringing in a home where intravenous drug use was the norm, he spent time in juvenile detention centers and has been convicted of more than one felony.

Now, he owns an extremely successful staffing agency, has three healthy sons, and by the time this article is posted, he will be a married man.

The article at the above link is definitely interesting. Hopefully you will be inspired.

The Value of Every Employee

It is amazing how productive the workplace can become when the value of every employee is recognized. It may also be surprising to know that the same workplace can become extremely unproductive when employees are taken for granted or mistreated.

Read the article at the above link for quantifiable and profitable ideas about treating employees well, while experiencing high performance from your team.

Wichita Kansas Direct Hire Service

Elite Staffing Solutions is the first and best place to go for Wichita Kansas Direct Hire Services.

We have been named the Fastest Growing Business in Wichita, the Fastest Growing Business in Kansas, and 160th fastest growing business in America - INC500.

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Elite Staffing Solutions is in INC Magazine

ESS has been featured as #160 for 2017 in INC Magazine's INC500 list of fastest growing businesses.

We were also recently named the fastest growing business in the State of Kansas for 2017.

One of the many factors that makes us stand out amongst the competition is that we don't seek profit from billing at the highest rate, while paying the employee the lowest rate possible. Rather, we provide better service with better paid temporary laborers whose success we take a genuine interest in.

Check out the article about INC #160 - Elite Staffing Solutions.

Pursuing Passions in Life

Pursuing passions in life can increase your performance at work.

Elite Staffing Solutions' blogger, Mike put together this great article about achieving more at work as a result of living a passionate and active life.

I hope that our readers are inspired, and that everyone does something they are passionate about on a regular basis!

Original article by Mike Gamache from Colorado Mountain Life

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Wichita General Labor Opportunities

Are you on the search for Wichita general labor opportunities? Check out the staffing agency that treats its employees with appreciation and value, Elite Staffing Solutions.

Whether you're a seasoned professional with specific skills who needs immediate income or a new career path, or you are looking for hands-on experience and development of professional relationships, Elite Staffing Solutions may very well be your solution.

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