Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Wichita General Labor Opportunities

Are you on the search for Wichita general labor opportunities? Check out the staffing agency that treats its employees with appreciation and value, Elite Staffing Solutions.

Whether you're a seasoned professional with specific skills who needs immediate income or a new career path, or you are looking for hands-on experience and development of professional relationships, Elite Staffing Solutions may very well be your solution.

Make sure you call us at (316) 202-2082 to learn about Wichita general labor opportunities today!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

General Labor Wichita KS

General Labor Wichita KS

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If you need people or you need work, we wholeheartedly believe that we perform better than any of our competitors because we treat our general labor better than any of our competitors. 

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General Labor Wichita KS

Friday, June 16, 2017

Elite Staffing Solutions' Mission

Elite Staffing Solutions' Mission

Every once in a great while, a business finds itself in a position to help the community by simply performing its core function with compassion. That is what I have seen at Elite Staffing Solutions in Wichita Kansas.

The business started as a product of opportunity and relationships that had developed organically, but having been there since the beginning, I have seen the shift from a focus on profit to a focus on people... As a result, people are much happier, clients have received better labor for their money, and labor has experienced an opportunity for growth and development that is rarely present in the staffing industry.

Elite Staffing Solutions has been profitable and growing since its first week in business. It is my belief that a large part of their success comes from the mission of "people before profit."

For instance, I have watched the owner of Elite Staffing Solutions fire clients who didn't treat ESS-provided labor with the dignity they deserved, even though this cost ESS money and resulted in extra business for a competitor.

With a dedication to people before profit, Elite Staffing Solutions' mission is proving to be successful in developing the community and for business growth.

Article by Mike Gamache

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

People Before Profit

People Before Profit

I met the current owner of Elite Staffing Solutions in 2012, I believe.

We were drawn to each other because we were both two young, aspiring entrepreneurs with lots of exciting dreams and goals for our businesses. 

Now, about five-years later, I’ve watched ESS grow into a successful and profitable Wichita  business.

Chris Rickerson, ESS’s owner is very active in church and I believe his dedication to God is part of why Elite Staffing Solutions is so successful. 

As ESS has grown in the Wichita market, Chris has grown in his relationship with God.

Now that ESS has a solid foundation and is consistently profitable, Chris has found himself in a unique position to help Wichita residents who come from all walks of life.

Of course, he works with high-end technical and professional positions. At the same time, he has many entry-level positions that allow the assessment of an employee’s value and work ethic.

For those who demonstrate the drive and capability to work hard, be dependable, and desire to improve in their careers and personal lives, ESS has shown that these employees will be promoted from within to more lucrative and prestigious positions.

As part of the people before profit ideal, it is not uncommon for Chris to walk away from substantial opportunities for profit and revenue in the case that a client does not treat employees with the dignity and appreciation that they deserve.

Coming from a challenging background, Chris understands the need for good people to find an opportunity to better their selves and their lives. Elite Staffing Solutions is a business that genuinely desires to play a role in employees building better lives and better futures in the Wichita market.

Please support this locale-owned and operated Wichita Employment Agency by sharing their website and videos on social media, or give them a call today at (316) 202-2082 to hire temporary or permanent labor in the Greater Wichita Area. 

Article by Mike Gamache

Read more about our mission of People Before Profit

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Apprenticeships and Personnel in Wichita Kansas

Apprenticeships and Personnel in Wichita Kansas

Some of us need to find a place to get started, whether its a result of a lost job, career change, or... we’ve been searching for direction and opportunity since we entered the workforce. 

A large part of what we do at Elite Staffing Solutions is provide opportunities. We have a wide variety of entry-level jobs that allow a new employee to show how dependable and productive they are.

Once an employee proves to be worthy of better paying jobs with more responsibility, we promote from within and find positions that are a good match for high performing employees.

This is why many of our personnel services function as apprenticeships. We help employees find work, then move the good ones to positions that require more training and experience.

Due to the variety of positions our clients hire us to fill, no employee’s career path with Elite Staffing Solutions and beyond will be the same.

I attended a Christian men’s group for people who are experiencing and have come back from adversity in life. I spoke with ESS owner Chris there… One of the men that was there explained to the group how he became a union electrician with another company as a result of the experience and promotions from within Elite Staffing Solutions. This is a great example of apprenticeship type opportunities that are available at ESS.

If you need a place to build a foundation and take the first steps to build a career, a place to help you earn a livable wage, contact Elite Staffing Solutions today at (316) 202-2082

Check out our website for more about apprenticeships and personnel in Wichita Kansas