Friday, June 16, 2017

Elite Staffing Solutions' Mission

Elite Staffing Solutions' Mission

Every once in a great while, a business finds itself in a position to help the community by simply performing its core function with compassion. That is what I have seen at Elite Staffing Solutions in Wichita Kansas.

The business started as a product of opportunity and relationships that had developed organically, but having been there since the beginning, I have seen the shift from a focus on profit to a focus on people... As a result, people are much happier, clients have received better labor for their money, and labor has experienced an opportunity for growth and development that is rarely present in the staffing industry.

Elite Staffing Solutions has been profitable and growing since its first week in business. It is my belief that a large part of their success comes from the mission of "people before profit."

For instance, I have watched the owner of Elite Staffing Solutions fire clients who didn't treat ESS-provided labor with the dignity they deserved, even though this cost ESS money and resulted in extra business for a competitor.

With a dedication to people before profit, Elite Staffing Solutions' mission is proving to be successful in developing the community and for business growth.

Article by Mike Gamache

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