Wednesday, June 14, 2017

People Before Profit

People Before Profit

I met the current owner of Elite Staffing Solutions in 2012, I believe.

We were drawn to each other because we were both two young, aspiring entrepreneurs with lots of exciting dreams and goals for our businesses. 

Now, about five-years later, I’ve watched ESS grow into a successful and profitable Wichita  business.

Chris Rickerson, ESS’s owner is very active in church and I believe his dedication to God is part of why Elite Staffing Solutions is so successful. 

As ESS has grown in the Wichita market, Chris has grown in his relationship with God.

Now that ESS has a solid foundation and is consistently profitable, Chris has found himself in a unique position to help Wichita residents who come from all walks of life.

Of course, he works with high-end technical and professional positions. At the same time, he has many entry-level positions that allow the assessment of an employee’s value and work ethic.

For those who demonstrate the drive and capability to work hard, be dependable, and desire to improve in their careers and personal lives, ESS has shown that these employees will be promoted from within to more lucrative and prestigious positions.

As part of the people before profit ideal, it is not uncommon for Chris to walk away from substantial opportunities for profit and revenue in the case that a client does not treat employees with the dignity and appreciation that they deserve.

Coming from a challenging background, Chris understands the need for good people to find an opportunity to better their selves and their lives. Elite Staffing Solutions is a business that genuinely desires to play a role in employees building better lives and better futures in the Wichita market.

Please support this locale-owned and operated Wichita Employment Agency by sharing their website and videos on social media, or give them a call today at (316) 202-2082 to hire temporary or permanent labor in the Greater Wichita Area. 

Article by Mike Gamache

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